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Natural Touch of Beauty

Our Coconut Oil is 100% pure & natural.

It's extra virgin, unfractionated, unrefined and unprocessed.

No additives and no chemical treatments!

Our Products

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
50 mL

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
100 mL

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
250 mL

What Makes Our Coconut Oil Different?

There's two broad categories of coconut oil manufacturers:

  1. Mass producers forced to use industrial-sized processing techniques requiring excessive refinement, and...
  2. Independent producers like us that use hand picked coconuts, fresh meat and traditional processing methods that require minimal refinement.

Bali Coconut is an independent producer that uses fresh coconut meat only from coconuts that just came down from the tree! We don't dry our coconut meat like high-volume, industrial producers are forced to do.

Instead, we start by extracting the creamy, nutrient rich “coconut milk” by cold pressing it from our ridiculously fresh coconut meat.

Next, we separate our coconut from the milk in 2 different ways:

  1. Traditional heating – we gradually heat the milk to moderate temperatures to preserve the nutrient density of the oil as it's extracted.
  2. Natural fermentation – the oil is slowly separated from the milk by a natural process of cold fermentation. This fermentation method also preserves the high nutritive value of the extracted oil like heating.

If you're interested in viewing the nutrient breakdown of our Bali Coconut oil, you can view the lab analysis by clicking the button below:

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